Ensign Government Services: Contractor Relationships

Solid Contractors

Long-Term Relationships = Strong Teams

Good contractors are good partners in getting projects completed on-time and on-budget. The companies shown below* are but a few of the long-term relationships representative of Ensign Government Services team approach to successful projects.

Versar - a Global Project Management Compant. Versar is a Global Project Management Company providing Sustainable Solutions to Government and Commercial Clients in Construction Management, Environmental Services, Munitions Response, Telecommunications and Energy.

Shaw - A Fortune 500 Company A Fortune 500 company with 27,000 employees around the world, Shaw serves the energy, chemicals, environmental, infrastructure and emergency response industries providing innovative engineering, construction, technology, fabrication, remediation and support services.

Northrup Grumman - Innovative Systems and Solutions Northrop Grumman offers an extraordinary portfolio of capabilities and technologies that enable us to deliver innovative systems and solutions for applications that range from undersea to outer space and into cyberspace.

Sahara: Construction Management Services Sahara Inc. is a professional organization that dedicates itself to providing superior construction management services. The Sahara legacy began in 1985 when Thomas Mabey, the founder and principal, founded a company whose commitment and service are as unique as its name. Since its beginning Sahara has dedicated itself to not only building quality projects, but also making lasting contributions to the communities in which we live and work.

*The presence of these logos does not imply any relationship other than contractor between Ensign Government Services and these companies. For information on projects and relationships, please contact Ensign Government Services.