Ensign Government Services: About Us

Working with the Government...

As a Service Disabled, Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB), Ensign Government Services combines Veteran-savvy with commercial associates to provide engineering and related services to all branches of government - specifically soliciting projects within the Department of Defense.

Why should you consider using a SDVOSB for your prime contract? The New Jersey Institute of Technology makes an business excellent case for it: All Veteran Owned Small Businesses are included in large corporations small business plans under FAR 52.219.9.

In the performance of set-aside contracts, a SDVOSB agrees that for services − at least 50% of the personnel cost will be spent by SDVOSB awardee or employees of another SDVOSB company; for General Contruction, at least 15% of SDVOSB (awardee) personnel cost or other SDVOSB firms. This means that you are guaranteed to be helping vets and their companies grow and prosper. And, in turn, the trickle−down economics of a small business helps your community!